The 3 Secrets to Double

the Value of Your Business

A live On-Line Briefing for Business Owners

With Richard Mowrey

Business Valuation Enhancement Expert

And ... #1 Best Selling Author of:

When is the Right Time to Sell My Business?

Discover how to reduce your day-to-day stress and consistently create value so you can plan and manage the timing of your personal exit knowing you will have true financial freedom.

Picture building a practically perfect business for you and your family. A growing business that is much less frustrating to manage today. And...a business you can sell...when the time is right, at a price well above today’s value, on very attractive terms. By transforming how you approach your business, you can dramatically increase your personal wealth. Simply adopting the right mindset, knowing the right actions, and employing the right decision processes can double or triple the value of your business ... so you can retire in style.

Too many hard-working business owners find the aggravations of day to day operations keep them from doing the planning and taking the actions required to confidently develop true financial freedom. It is often difficult to establish an optimal personal workflow without the specific knowledge of how to address daily operating requirements. Very few owners are able to effectively step back and clearly focus on the management of their business as the major investment it is … even though most owners have over eighty percent (80%) of their personal wealth in their businesses. Once you have the right information and a proven system to reduce stress you can begin to more easily focus and work on your business. A few specific steps can help assure future success and make a measurable difference in your work life and in that “someday” value of your business.

Step back from the burdens of day-to-day management responsibilities long enough to learn what to do to reduce your worries about draining decisions that cause stress and shrink the risks of business ownership.

In this free, live interactive briefing, you’ll learn these 3 value-creation secrets:

Fully Prepare - EARLY

Get Ready for the Unexpected Disruptions and the Optimal Market Opportunity

It is Really All One Plan

Do the Things that Enhance Your Business’s Value for Your “Someday” Exit...Today

Manage the Value Drivers

Use a Proven Decision System to Increase Ownership Benefits and Reduce Risks

Take Control of Your Financial Future

Join other owners of privately-held businesses, just like yourself, who absorbed and applied the Three Secrets to dramatically increase the value of their businesses.


Richard brings over thirty-five years of uniquely developed experience to this training session. He is a recognized expert advisor in the valuation and sales of privately-held businesses. He has the “well-earned” reputation for getting ownership transfer projects done … quickly and quietly, at the right price.

Richard has purchased and sold businesses for his own account and has shown countless business owners how easy to use information can be effectively applied to dramatically increase the value of any business.

He is the author the #1 International Best Selling Book:
When is the Right Time to Sell My Business?
… as well as other valuation and management books that focus on helping business owners in this critical ownership area.

Join the LIVE On-Line Briefing Session

September 29th - 3:00 PM EST

Other owners of privately-held businesses, just like yourself, have absorbed and applied the Three Secrets to dramatically increase the value of their businesses.

What People Are Saying About Working With Richard

William L. Loftis

Managing Partner BLUE RIVER

I know from experience that Richard packs timeless and illuminating principles into his books, workshops, and courses. Don’t hesitate to discover and apply Richard’s teaching so you will be able to move with intelligent action to increase the value of your business.

John M. Kriak

Financial Coaching and Strategic Consulting, GroupGenesis, LLC

Richard is a master at developing easy to use information that can lead a management team into a fundamental organizational transformation. He lays out how valuation concepts help focus analysis of operational improvements as the business speeds toward a “someday” transaction.

John C. Johnson

Managing Partner, IBG Business / BluestemUSA

Mr. Mowrey knows how to use his expertise to make value planning work for you. His messages are clear and the key actions he recommends are easy to execute. To grow the value of your business, start with what Richard teaches. Create the vision of your business in the future and use that picture to guide your steps forward!

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