Future Financial Performance

valuation basics for transactions Jul 25, 2021

What Impacts a Business's Future Financial Performance?

It is management's job to be able to assess the operating environment for today and tomorrow and to adjust to the changes as they occur. Ideally, managers will pickup early on the trends and re-position the company before there are any lasting detrimental impacts from these "outside" forces.

All of the FACTORS in the Following Areas of the Business have a Notable Effect on Financial Results:

Macro-Economic Factors

  • General business cycle
  • International economic factors
  • Government policies
  • Long-term trends 

Industry Factors

  • Structure of the market place
  • Level of competition
  • Capital intensiveness
  • Long-term trends 

Business Operating Factors

  • Sales & marketing process
  • Production operations
  • Human resources management
  • Long-term trends

Accounting and Financial Factors

  • Interpretation of accounting statement data
  • Financial condition and outlook
  • Long-term trends 

Business Law & Tax Factors

  • Corporate governance
  • Litigation issues
  • Government regulations & taxes
  • Long-term trends

Capital Market Factors 

  • Level of inflation
  • Cost of debt & equity capital
  • Level of investment risk
  • Long-term trends

Don't wait to figure out where you can improve/strengthen operations and increase the long-term value of your company. Use the full breath of your management team to make any needed changes. Step back and determine which of your managers should be acquiring new knowledge in each of these operating areas.  Make it clear that every manager has some responsibility to add to the total company knowledge by constantly digesting and analysis new information.  Then setup a tracking and trending system that will permit regular sharing of the knowledge for each group of factors to make key decisions and to enhance strategy development and financial performance!