The Power of One

long-term value growth Jul 25, 2021

Use the Hidden VALUE from the POWER of ONE! 

The late Senator Couzens was at one time the richest member of the United States Senate while Senator William Borah was reputedly the poorest. As Senator Couzens was leaving the Senate one day, he put his hand in his pocket to take out some money, and discovered that he had not a cent with him. He turned to Senator Borah, who was standing near him, and said: "Bill, can you lend me a dollar?" There are times when ONE counts.

The margin of one vote cast by Senator Edward A. Hannegan of Indiana made Texas a part of the United States in 1845. As a matter of fact, California, Oregon, and Washington were also admitted to statehood by margins of one vote. And the Draft Act of World War II passed the House of Representatives in Washington by one vote.

Thomas Jefferson and John Quincy Adams were each elected President by one vote in the Electoral College. Rutherford B. Hayes' election as President was contested and referred to an electoral commission. This commission confirmed his election by one vote. That vote was cast by a congressman from Indiana who had won his election by one vote. This congressman was a lawyer, and the one vote that elected him was cast by a client of his who was ill, but insisted on being taken to the polls to vote for him.

Never underestimate the power of ONE.

Have you ever wished that you had a better education? One hour a day spent on good reading of carefully selected books would mean about 50 pages a day. This would add up to 18,250 pages a year, and would represent the equivalent of 50 books of 350 pages each. A steady year of such reading would put you among the best-informed people in your industry, your club, or your group of acquaintances.

Don't get bewildered about the complexity or magnitude of your job and your problems. Everything breaks down into a series of ones. Take one step forward, and you are on your way.

It's always the next ONE that counts.

Past this along to your management team to get that extra thought and effort that can make the critical difference in the performance of YOUR business.