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Here is a brief introduction to the broader educationally-driven BizOwner platform. All of the available resources are specifically designed to help business owners gain new knowledge to double or triple the value of their businesses.



Picture this customer in you mind!  Then take the time to check out the articles and courses to learn who this customer really is ... why that is the case...and why ... it is so important to you and your family.

BreakOUT BizOwner

New, live on-line, seven-week course for the highly motivated business owner who want to dramatically increase the value of their business!

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Fast paced, 29 minute virtual meetings with timely topics for business owners and advisors who want to learn how to quickly increase business values.

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BreakOUT Seminars

BreakOUT 3.5 hour programs designed to help business owners achieve financial freedom ... by preparing early for the biggest deal of their careers.

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Gain Critical New Knowledge to Increase Your Rewards of Business Ownership

A New Course designed to reduce your frustrations and stress by applying "BreakOUT Secrets and Systems" so you can develop a simple to manage ... much more valuable business.


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